2020; Creative Confidence

Identity created for Creative Confidence - a series of talks from a variety of creative figures in the industry. Organised by Natasha Chetiyawardana (Co-founder of Bow & Arrow).


A personal project - handmade jewellery. Art direction, branding, photography, custom Wordpress site/theme and jewellery made by me.

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2020; On The Concept of History

A personal project to redesign the 18 parts of Walter Benjamin's On The Concept of History - using my favourite quote as a starting point.

2019; NYE

Art direction and graphic ephemera created for a hoedown themed NYE dinner - inspired by Dolly Parton.

2019; Don't Look At My Bumper

An art directed series of bumper stickers playing around with beliefs people aren't comfortable sharing.

2019; Bristol Book Fair

A fresh new identity for Bristol Book Fair. Client: P.B.F.A

2019; The Feminist Everywhere

The Feminist Everywhere is a project that responds key locations in Bristol's feminist history. The project colates these in an exhibition and website. The website and work are now part of the archive. Website coded by me.


2019; Futureproof

Logotypes created for a talk by Visual Arts South West (to discuss the future of the arts in a modernising world). Created during my internship at Intercity Studio.

2019; An Obsession With Feathers

An Obsession with Feathers is a publication - in five parts - that tells the story of a bizarre museum heist that took place in 2009. Each part focusing on a different group or individual through history, who’s obsession with the feathers impacted on their life and legacy.

2019; Leonardo Unfinished

Artwork created for this exhibition running alongside the national exhibition 'Life in Drawing'. Client: Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

2019; Process Document

A documentation of my process and research through my final year of university.

2020, Laura Mortimer.